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The Importance of Buying Local Organic Produce

When we buy fruits and vegetables we want them when they’re picked fresh off the vine. Locally grown produce not only tastes better but is better for your body. The importance of buying local organic produce is also important for those who juice at home.

The Best Option for your Juicing at Home Needs

Juice blended with fresh organic ingredients is much more worthwhile than juicing pre-blended. Organic foods are more wholesome and don’t have chemicals on them that need to be washed off. In addition, produce that is grown organically has higher levels of antioxidants. These antioxidants can help the body’s immune system fight free radicals and airborne pathogens.

Organic produce provides sensitive digestive systems more fiber. Having a homemade juice before a meal or between meals can be a great way to reduce gastronomical discomfort. Organic juicing has so many health benefits, that there are many reasons to start from home today.

Buying Local Organic Produce can help the Environment

Not only does organic juicing help your body, it can also help the environment where you live. The environment depends on the importance of buying local organic produce. Organic produce that is shipped directly to the end user can lower transportation and delivery costs. This further decreases oil consumption by having fresh organic produce delivered to your door. You save gas and time searching for dozens of ingredients from several stores. What a happy exchange!

Juicing Basics

Juicing basics encompasses a healthy and wholesome lifestyle. This lifestyle is mixed in with essential organic ingredients, preferably found locally. While many experts have made juicing somewhat convoluted we bring back the essentials to juicing from home.

There are many reasons why people juice from home. It could be to help your body’s immune system during the change of seasons. Perhaps you suffer from allergies. Or maybe you’ve had a recent injuring and are recuperating. Whatever the reason, creating your own juices can bring enjoyment as well as good health.

Starting with the Juicing Basics

Well, first of all you need a specialized juice blender. You will want to buy a blender that is sleek, efficient and durable. You really don’t need too many settings, just one that can blend and puree. The kind of blenders that have a pourable spout add a nice touch to your juice bar at home.

Then you need the right ingredients. Organic produce is the key here. You want to have wholesome foods that haven’t been touched with nasty chemicals. This ensures that you are not putting anything toxic into your body that will take more time to excrete. You want to only put good things in your body. Putting in chemicals counteracts the great effects of juicing at home.

Organic Ingredients Essential to Juicing Basics

There is a more practical reason for buying organic ingredients. Eliminating the need to rinse your fruits and vegetables prevents them from getting soggy. You will want your fruits and vegetables to be crisp and ripe before blending, not pre-washed.

Next there is how you prepare your fruits and vegetables for blending. For richer juice extraction, it is recommended that you create small balls from leafy green vegetables before putting them into the juicer. By doing this you will gain more of the nutrients in these leafy greens than otherwise cutting  them, and throwing them into the mix.

You can also wrap your greens (i.e. Romaine,) like sushi around your other ingredients. This will ensure that they puree evenly.

Keep in mind that your organic fruit doesn’t need to look perfectly round and symmetrical when you receive it. You’re going to chop and squeeze it through the juice mixer so form is not paramount to the process. Rather quality ripe ingredients that are organically grown will make organic juicing flavorful and beneficial.

Two More Juicing Basics Secrets!

If you want to extract the pulp from your juice, use a cheesecloth. Simply place the cheesecloth over the container when your pour your favorite blend. Don’t throw out the pulp, you’ll want to keep that for its fiber and nutrients that you’ve harvested! Perhaps you could mix them with some low or non-fat yogurt and make a delicious snack to boost your energy.

Finally, you will want to drink your organic produce juice before you eat. Yes, on an empty stomach. This will help your digestive system absorb more of the hard-fought nutrients. Plus you’ll feel fuller and will be able to enjoy a lighter meal. A great way to supplement your diet!

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